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First Look: The Who What Wear Collection x Target Fall Collection (In Plus)!

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Don’t you just love a good collaboration? I seriously love when brands come together for the greater good and create awesome fashion. It’s like the “Avengers” of fashion. And we when we announced the WhoWhatWear and Target collaboration a few months ago, I really thought it wasn’t going to last long. Now two seasons later and to my surprise along with many others, this collaboration is life! Seriously though, I’m such a huge fan of the WhoWhatWear x Target collaboration. The clothes are fabulously made, right on trend and priced just right.  This is the combination that has kept me coming back for more each time. And eight essential pieces later, I still want more and that why it’s so cool to announce the new fall collection for WhoWhatWear x Target is here, available and styled in plus sizes, and ready to hit our closets!

Did I forget to mention that this collection goes up to a size 26 and 4X. Yassss! So ladies shopping in the extended sizes, you too can join in on the excitement of this collaboration. I love that they were so on board in including fashion for the plus size woman. This collection rocks 21 distinct looks, is all about the comfy knits, prints, and luxe leather!

With rich pre-fall colors of wine mixed with delicate floral prints, WhoWhatWear announced and teased their new WhoWhatWear x Target collection“Global Garden,” that already has made me a fan of some key pieces I need now to take me into the fall. Take a peek at what we mean!

First Look at the WhoWhatWear x Target Fall Collection

WhoWhatWearPlusFall Collections White Jeans


WhoWhatWear Plus Fall Collection Pencil Skirt


WhoWhatWearPlus Fall Collection Floral


WhoWhatWearPlus FallCollection RuffleTop


WhoWhatWearPlus Fall Collection Mixedprints


WhoWhatWearPlus Fall CollectionTrench


WhoWhatWearPlus FallCollectionBomber


WhoWhatWearPlus Fall Collection


WhoWhatWearPlus Fall Collection Dress


WhoWhatWearPlus Fall Collection

WhowhatwearCrop Flare Denim

WhoWhatWear Plus Fall Collection


WhoWhatWearPlus FallCollection Crop Flare


WhoWhatWear Plus Fall Floral Pleats


WhoWhatWear x Target Plus Fall Cargo

Did you see the multiple use of pieces within each look? This is what I love about this collection, you can mix and match so many pieces together, to create new look every time. Plus the use of lightweight tops under soft sweaters just makes layering so easy. With price points starting as low at $19.99 to  54.99, there is something to fit every budget!

You can shop the entire collection of Who What Wear at select Target locations and

I appreciate the use of the plus size model, stylized and included in her own look book. This makes us happy.

So you have no excuses to get online and snag a couple of pieces, but try to leave some for me.

K? Thanks Boo!

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  1. The photos look great. Love the layering and rich fall colors. The two pencil skirts, that wine colored shirt dress that tied in the front, and that floral black top with the matching jacket were my faves. I just hope the material is wearable. I like the price point. You just have to be quicker than a cheetah when those collections go live. They sell out so fast, and the really nice pieces don’t make it in-store.

  2. This collaboration has been and continues to be truly magnificent. I love everything the model in the above lookbook is wearing and she looks amazing.

  3. I am a huge fan of the collection. But the sizing is definitely off, depending on the materials used to make the item. I had to get a size 26 in that gingham skirt. That’s not my size.

  4. I like these staple pieces that can really be mixed and matched. Though Target does have a plus size tee on their site right now that says “Body By Pizza.” Not sure that’s the kind of stereotype we should be putting out there. Or maybe I’m just uptight.

  5. Does anyone else’s Target mix in their plus items with their maternity items? Mine does, and it’s a big reason why I rarely shop there… It’s so bizarre; the big sign for plus sizes is hanging from the ceiling directly above the maternity clothing, and the big maternity sign next to it is hanging directly above the plus clothing. And then that middle space between the twohas a bunch of mixed displays, so sometimes I’ll think, “Oh, hey, cute pants!’ and then when I try to find my size I realize there is the tummy panel there and I’ve been digging through a rack of maternity wear. On top of that, I feel like the mixing in just reinforces the negative stereotypes of plus size people having to shop in maternity for lack of other choices, and I thought we were beyond that. 🙁 I’ve been to a couple other Targets where this is the case, so I’m wondering if this is common around the country or just at the Colorado stores I hit up. My store also throws all their straight size clearance items in the plus section, too, so I’m constantly faked out. I was so impressed with Target decided to revamp their plus offerings, but…until they get their organization and display in order, I’m no longer impressed.

  6. Still not impressed. I find all the pants too short and the shirts are cut like colored garbage bags with belts.
    I’m plus size, but I’m not 5’2 nor do I have a large chest, so short pants with wide, short shirt look does not work for me. Same goes for the belted dress that ends up belting under my chest.

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