What Do You Get When 7 Snackable Men Recreate An Epic Photo Shoot? The Answer Is Here

What happens when seven big and tall men come together to recreate an epic #MyCalvins photo shoot?

An even MORE epic photo shoot.

We had the opportunity to hear from the brain behind the photo shoot himself, Darnel Ghramm, about what inspired the photos and what it meant for him and his entire snackable crew.

Originally, I saw the “#MyCalvins” campaign featuring Asap Rocky and his crew for the Spring 18′ Calvin Klein Collection, shot by Willy Vanderperre. I immediately thought it would be a cool to recreate the shoot for my birthday with a few friends. In the midst of planning, I was tagged in a post by @foreverfeminism. The image and caption read, “I’ve never seen a plus male model.” Then, they asked “Does anyone remember that ‘plus size’ Calvin Klein campaign?” And that’s when hit me, I’m a plus male model and can definitely recreate the “#MyCalvins” campaign shoot. I thought it was the perfect shoot to shed some light on the under representation & misconceptions of plus models, male and female. My mission is to represent & show what the Big&Tall Man are all about.

Because we’re Big&Tall, it doesn’t mean we’re not capable of doing the things an industry standard size model can do or that we shouldn’t have the same opportunities. Doesn’t mean we’re not worthy of proper representation or respect in society or be fairly represented in the fashion industry, because guess what? We wear clothes and have killer style too! Our appearance, height, body, size & shape should not be seen as “outside the norm. No more society or industry standards. I mean, who even set the standard? How cool would it be, that a young man with a similar body as mine, sees an ad an actually feel that he can go and wear that too?

What Ghramm is speaking about here is something that we curvalicious (yes, I just made that up because, why not) ladies know about as well. I know that I’ve never thought about how not seeing themselves in photos affected men but Ghramm is speaking on it and his words are hitting hard!

I’m not here to be “The Standard”. I’m here to go against the norms of life and the industry by simply being me, not a mold. To show and inspire people to love themselves and make there dreams a reality, amongst all the criticisms and “No’s”. Anything is possible & I’m a walking example of it.

I got together a few plus males with different ethnicities, height, sizes & shapes to answer these questions & recreate the ‘Plus Size Male’ shoot Calvin Klein. And they all saw the vision and wanted to answer the questions. We EXIST and we are constituted by many different things. Whether big, tall or simply fall outside of the worlds standards, we are ALL handsome and worthy, FACT!

We must continue to push the boundaries and unfortunately we gotta work twice as hard to prove ourselves but the plus size community is working hard. We will eventually earn our spot, as wrong as that sounds. But we’re working to break down all barriers and feel confident that we will get there. That we will see ads every where and it won’t longer be taboo to see a full figure. Eventually, we’ll drop the “plus” and simply be models.


So let’s give you a comparison… because, why not? Well, actually, because we love you, we want you to take a look at these drool-worthy photos as well.

The curvalicious crew here at The Curvy Fashionista is 100% here for these men showing out and challenging what their sexy is.

And let’s continue to celebrate these bodies that we’re in, so that these recreations will no longer have to be a dream, an exception, but the NEW standard!

Featured models in photos:

Darnel Ghramm, Ady Del Valle, Kyle Kelly,

Miguel Rodriguez, Travis Curry, Eric Anderson & Rob Robinson

Photographer: Tony Trott

Soooooooooooooo… what do you think about the ad? The campaign? The shoot? Are you as much of a fan of this as we are?

Let’s discuss…

Written by Aaronica

One dope woman/mom/wife/entrepreneur learning to conquer the world one cute outfit at a time.

What do you think?


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  1. I love me a big guy but some how they don’t even look my way. But all these Gentlemen are handsome and SEXXY!!!! ??

  2. I absolutely adore your blog posts! They’re so inspirational! I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in.?

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