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27 Ultra-Chic Summer HandBags That Won’t Cost You More Than $100

I remember being 18 before I got my first Coach purse. It was that signature “C” little bag that cost $118. It was a high school graduation present and when I got it, I remember thinking that I could have spent that $100 on something way better than this little purse. We live and we learn, right? Now I don’t have spend that kind of money to still have a collection of ultra-chic bags.

Now as a pretty hip mom, I’m not dishing out hundreds of dollars on a purse that I’m not wearing longer than a couple of weeks because let’s face it, I like choices and changing bags often. Even though I’m not doling out the cash, it doesn’t mean that I’m not out here looking like a didn’t just drop a wad on my accessories (though we all know it probably went to the grocery store because, well, kids).

So what does one do? No worries, we got you! If you’re ballin’ on a budget like moi, I’ve got you covered for some of the cutest and ultra-chic bags that are all under $100. Are you ready to see our finds?

27 Ultra-Chic Bags for Summer Under $100

What kind of bag lady are you?


I like to have a variety of bags at my disposal. I have purse feng-shui so depending on the season, energy and mood I tend to vary from a clutch all the way to massive tote that hold my kitchen sink and, well, diapers. But because most days I can be found chasing my kids, I’m loving the comeback that the fanny pack is making, amiright? 

No matter what it is that you’re choosing to carry, just make sure that it’s an ultra-chic bag and works for your lifestyle.

Your turn: What bags are you guys rocking right now? Do you like variety like yours truly or do you tend to stick to one style of bag?

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