Plus Size Art: Toni Tails Art with Curve Appeal

I’m always in awe of plus size art. From curvy fairies, mermaids, and centaurs. I love sharing these, showcasing various forms of art celebrating the plus size form. I mean, who doesn’t love curvy magical fairies? Thanks to Toni and Jazmin’s coloring books: “Magical Creatures”, “Color Me Happy”, and “The Fat Girl ABC’s” collaborated with Nick Marton, they are bringing diversity and fun while inspiring all ages to feel good in their skin.

“My niece, who goes by JazG online, and I started The Body Positive Coloring Book Project when she was ten years old.  She asked me why there weren’t any pictures of fat women in any of her coloring books because she wanted to color pictures with women who looked like the women in her life. Thus, The Body Positive Coloring Book Project was born.”

One of my favorite things about coloring books is that it reliefs stress and brings out our creativity. The beauty of art is that is can be expressed in many ways that make us feel emotion. Be sure to tell us below how you express your creativity!

I had to learn that everyone is different and uniquely made. I love the message that they are giving to be proudly unapologetically you! There’s a whole universe of body types out there, and they all deserve to be represented. If I would have had one of these plus size art books while growing up, I wonder how my life would have been positively impacted.

To anyone who has ever had doubts, look in the mirror and tell yourself, I am beautiful, I am strong, and I love myself!

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Check out more of their plus size art on Facebook: Art By Jaz G, Toni Tails and Let us know which book you get!

Written by Team TCF

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