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They Call Plus SIze Fashion a Fad- We call it a Comeback!

Whitney Thompson for Plus Model Magazine

Reading over the magazines and newspapers this weekend has me shaking my head as the debate of V magazine’s photo shoot and choice of the representation of plus size as beautiful seriously has me shaking my head, leading me to think and reflect upon my thoughts, opinions, and views.

The New York Post chuckles at the thought of any plus size role model, the New York Times questions if we are worthy to be seen, and yet fashion magazines continue to give us our moment and just due of beauty in all shapes and sizes!

Whitney Thompson for Plus Model Magazine
Whitney Thompson for Plus Model Magazine

Chatting with my fellow bloggers and fashion editors of the few plus size e-zines, raises an honest question:

Is the Celebration of Plus Size Fashion a Fad?

Anna Scholz Black Label Fall 2012: All Dolled UP 

My opinion?


Call me the hopeful, optimistic, rose-colored glasses wearer, or out of touch, but for me, I see this as a long awaited and overdue conversation that WE as a society, community, and individual need to have with ourselves.

You see, sitting idly, you could call this a fad, but that is not me or any of my fashionably curvy, fat, plus sized, fluffy bloggers and editors would agree upon. A fad? NO.

This is only the beginning!

If you chart the progress plus size fashion has made over the last decade, hell, the last year, if you really paid attention to the movement, wave, or revolution of plus size fashion, you would see that we, plus size women, who demand fashionable acceptance from our straight sized peers, see this as a step in a positive direction of plus size fashion.


For far too long we have been excluded, relegated to the pits of fashion leftovers and rejections as an afterthought, told our curves could in no way be beautiful, that we should dare not want to indulge in luxurious fabrics, dare not fashion ourselves in the latest trends- BUT we are here.

The louder we speak, the more we support, the longer we challenge the status quo, the more that society will hear our cry. We are more than a fatally flawed statistic stating that all fat women are unhealthy, and all we care about is sitting in front of the television eating ships in sweatpants (my loungewear is quite spiffy, Mr. Lagerfeld).

We are 60% of the population, of whom many who give a damn about how we look, what works for our curves, and which designers cater to us.

We are women who love to look beautiful, feel special, and desire to have options.

What we are not- is a fad. A trend. A useless or quickly forgotten niche whose dollars mean nothing to.

Day 5: V Love U Just The Way U R by Terry Tsiolis
Day 5: V Love U Just The Way U R by Terry Tsiolis

You see, we are women who, despite what society attempts to push down our throats, who want to be embraced- no longer outcasts, defined by degradations or class, but respected and represented by women who LOOK like us!

So how do we ensure that we are not the fad or trend that many op-ed pieces define us to be?

We speak up, show up, and show out!

Support your local fashion designer, plus size boutique, magazine, blog, website, that embraces you! Educate yourself of the options you have readily now, at your fingertips and SHOW the fashion bigWigs just how much we actually care!

If not, then this progress we have made, the movement that has begun, will be in vain and the only ones we can point the finger at, will be ourselves.

Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

What do you think?


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  1. Kudos Ms Denee. while I loved the article and hope that everything you stated comes into fruition, I must admit that from society’s viewpoint this may in fact be a fad (lets hope I’m wrong). I am not diminishing the strides made by the plus community, however I am fully aware of who rules over the mainstream fashion industry, and while we may be haute today, we cannot look to them to ensure we are the market of choice tomorrow. Overall fashion is a very elitist community whose claim to fame is based off of exclusion, which is why I think for them this is a trend.

    However my heart warms at the many exciting and wonderful men and women working diligently to create avenues of choice for people of size. You are a true champion in the plus industry and are truly valued.


    • Hey Ms Prissi! Thank you for you candid views, you know, I completely agree with your opinions, just hoping and wishing for more of a change, and I feel, that this is a step, no matter how small, but a step!

  2. I just still do not understand how showing some highly photo-shopped size 10’s & 12’s is ‘giving the plus size woman her due’, or ‘showing beauty in ALL sizes’, but it would be nice to see a wider sampling of human diversity in the public eye than what has been shown for years.

    • Yes! We have a long way to go, however, we have to at least recognize the steps made- no? V magazine is probably one the most diverse showing of plus size beauty in a variety of heights, shapes, and sizes…

      Baby steps is always best for laying the foundations to ensure a lasting chance and change! 🙂

  3. Cheers to that! Hey today was another great day for plus size fashion, who saw Ashley Falcon on Rachel Ray?? She’s so great and such a positive role model for young plus size women… she had some great finds.. anyways, watch out skinny girls, you got fashion competition!

  4. Is the celebration of plus size women a fad?

    A plus size or fat woman is not a fad; she is a human. We should not wait for the media, families and friends to validate ourselves. We have to celebrate ourselves E-V-E-R-D-A-Y. The media treats everything as fad; it’s what they do. It is imperative for fat women to move forward with their lives. People are going to criticize us; they do not have anything better to do. Our body image is not debateable. I do not care what any doctor or stranger has to say. Sometimes I feel people wear a “mask of concen for their criticism”. Just live you life to its fullest. 🙂

  5. As you know we had this conversation already and I have a strong opinion on it. Unfortunately, I do look at this as a fad in regards to mainstream media and fashion embracing plus size women. To me, you and the other online journalists who make it our business to write and post articles that women and men can appreciate, it will never be a fad. Sadly we are the minority. I do think the exposure is good because it makes people talk and take notice but I wonder if glamour had not kicked this thing off and the picture had not received such positive feedback, would we be given so much attention.

    While I applaud the steps that these magazines have taken, I’m curious to see if we will get so much attention in a year. Regardless of what they decide to do, online sites like yours, mine, Johara’s and Glen’s will still be available and for that reason I’ll reserve my applauds and appreciation to us instead of mainstream publications who prefer to jump on the bandwagon.

    Another thing, I am so tired of people complaining that by show plus size women, healthy women are not being featured. Many people miss the point altogether. It’s not an issue of us vs. them, it’s merely an issue of loving who you are at this very moment. Embracing your flaws and all instead constantly being reminded of something you’re not by constantly looking at women that do not resemble your shape.

    Okay, I’m done for now….that was long.

  6. I am elated to see that this discussion was being engaged, but what I am disgusted to see is the fact that some women are forgetting why plus size modeling became an issue in the first place. The solution is not to say things like “curvy is just better” that’s not really addressing the problem and it’s further perpetuating the image of separation. There shouldn’t be a separate issue for “curvy” issue they should just be IN THE ISSUE. There shouldn’t be a “curvy” women spread, why can’t there be a “curvy” woman one page, and a skinny one the next. I think when we stop separating and start including, that’s when the issue will become resolved because what has happened is these magazines are out for money, still maintaining the premise that the curvy woman is not good enough to be in a spread with the skinny woman so we’ll single them out and that, is a recipe for disaster.

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