Bevel Launches a Sister Brand- Ladies, Get Your Hair in Formation with FORM!!

It’s Sunday, the day of resting and resetting before having to get back in the swing of the week. The day would be perfect except for the daunting task of washing your hair! UGH! Washing my hair was never a big ordeal until I went natural. No doubt it is much healthier and my hair has grown leaps and bounds because of it, but being natural is a job within itself to say the least.

Wash days consist of co-washing, detangling, deep conditioning, moisturizing, twisting and or blow drying and styling.  Knowing the order of your regimen is one thing, but finding the perfect products… it’s a science. Well… I think we may have found something for you! Say goodbye to wash day blues! FORM, the sister brand of Bevel, known for its Shave System and Trimmer, is here to take the “guesswork” out of your hair care regimen!

FORM was inspired by our personal hair car journeys and promises to deliver on performance without compromising the health of our hair. Tristian Walker, CEO of Walker & Company Brands, says that FORM has been in the works since the inception of the Bevel products.

FORM Prestige Hair Care Collection

“Since the company’s inception, we’ve been working to bring this collection to life as part of our commitment to making health and beauty simple for people of color. We understand the huge opportunity in this vastly underserved market and have a proven track record of bringing health and beauty products to market that both fill a void, and more importantly, work.”

Ladies, Get Your Hair in Formation with FORM!

FORM Prestige Hair Care Collection

Getting started with the FORM product system is simple!

Just head over to and sign up for your FORM Consultation. The consultation takes you through a step-by-step evaluation to give your hair the perfect mix of products for the “special attention your hair deserves with the high quality solutions it needs.”  The FORM collection consists of 10 products: from shampoos, conditioners, leave-in lotion, stylers, curl crème, curl gel, protective style crème, heat serum, and pomade! Each set of products come with their own customized instructions for use. How about that?!


FORM Prestige Hair Care Collection

Head over to to get started!

So ladies, how does customized hair care sound to you? I for one am all for trying this system out. The promise of taking the guess work out of my hair care and minimizing my wash days is enough for me!

I mean because who really wants to go through testing their hair porosity to figure out if the current products they’re using are right? NOT ME!

Can’t wait to get my consultation done! Will you be doing this too? Let me know what you get!

Written by Aaronica

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