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The Curious and Cool Case of eShakti

Have you heard of eShakti? The independent retail brand? Long before Universal Standard extended their size range from 00 to 40, eShakti produced their collection up through a size 36. But as we see and shop new plus size brands and brands extending into plus sizes, we wanted to shine a light on a brand who constantly flies below the radar. One who deserves more attention and more love.

Today, we are talking about why eShakti is one to watch in the fashion, media, and marketing space. This brand has been doing a couple of cool things that we haven’t seen from quite a few retailers, and you have to check them out or revisit them!

Why you Should Take Another Look at eShakti 

Photo courtesy of eShakti

What Works in eShakti’s Favor

eShakti has this really cool feature. They offer the option (and have for a long time) to customize and tweak your garment specifically for you.  As someone who is 5’8”, I am too short to be tall and too tall to be short. Because of this, I find myself needing a little bit more length in my dresses or having to shorten up my skirts just a bit. eShakti lets you do either.

The Curious and Cool Case of eShakti

The Curious and Cool Case of eShakti

I don’t mind strapless or spaghetti straps, and short sleeves do not bother me. BUT if you have your own preference, eShakti gives you the ability to customize your pieces with those little details. Pockets or no pockets, you have options! But why would you not want pockets?? This is one of the most innovative things about eShakti that you can’t really get elsewhere! Most brands and retailers are truly ready to wear.   

The Anomaly of eShakti

I want you to think about it. Really think about it. When was the last time you’ve seen an eShakti ad? You rarely see them on social promoting. Rarely see news about the brand, yet they are one of the most under-the-radar brands that has been consistent in catering to the plus size consumer!

It’s a very interesting thing to watch. Yes, their shipping times could be slightly faster, but when you add customization, you can give up speed for all of these attributes that eShakti provides… right?

Here Is Where They Could Do More

Photo courtesy of eShakti

Even with all of this, eShakti has been consistent with their fashion options. But where they could do better is in the visual representation of plus size people. If they make items up to a size 30, then we should be seeing models with at least a size 20 option.

 eShakti’s marketing needs to reflect the amazing range of customers that they cater to. Personally, I would love to see them do more ads, more promotions, more social media campaigns to let the plus size community know that there are options here.

It has been difficult to show and share the newest arrivals from eShakti because they don’t showcase their clothing on plus size models. We hear your feedback, concerns, and criticisms when we do share brands that don’t use plus size models! So, it becomes a little bit of a challenge for us to even promote the brand, when we don’t have models that reflect our brand or our community.

If eShakti were to give more attention to the plus size space, this would make a huge difference and impact for their bottom line and within the community.

Photo courtesy of eShakti

However, we are huge fans of eShakti and what they’re doing. We appreciate that they go up through a size 36, offer custom options, and cater to both the petite and tall plus size shoppers.

Yes, you petite plus and tall plus size shoppers who find challenges due to your height, you have options! For those of you who are a little bit conservative, who aren’t comfortable showing off your arms, or who have to wear a bra with straps, you have options.

You can shop the brand now at

My question to you is: have you shopped from them? Which pieces stand out to you the most? If you have heard of them, what do you wish they did differently?

Let’s talk about this.

Written by Team TCF

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  1. I’ve bought from them in the past. Everything I ordered with my own custom measurements was not a good fit – it’s hard to grade (size) patterns correctly, and I wasn’t surprised that they were off, but was disappointed. That was a few years ago; hopefully they’re better at it now. But, I have a few really high quality off the rack sized pieces; I just stick with the stretchy jersey knits just like everywhere else I shop as a 32+ person.

  2. My concern lies with their supply chain- are these custom garments made by someone paid a fair wage in humane working conditions?

  3. I definitely have ordered from them! I love their clothes, although most dresses are unlined. For me I feel it’s best to order according to size not measurement. But I think they could definitely do better with shipping because they are in India so it takes a month or so to get a dress. Having said that I got so many compliments on my dresses from there.

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