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Around Atlanta: Simple by Tracy Debuts New Collection and Includes Plus Sizes!

Atlanta based stylist-turned-designer, Tracy Nicole debuted Simple by Tracy, a collection of effortlessly styled essentials in plus sizes, too!

We love meeting and connecting with indie designers around town and introducing them to you! Last week, celebrity stylist, Tracy Nicole, hosted an intimate preview of her new line “Simple by Tracy”.  Tracy Nicole is known for her demure take on fashion and has something for us fellow Curvy Fashionistas this season! If you are looking for a line that embodies effortless style, with the must have essentials for your closet, then you need to check out “Simple by Tracy.”


Atlanta’s celebrity fashion designer, Tracy Nicole presented her newest fashionable endeavor “Simple by Tracy” to Atlanta’s tastemakers with a chic presentation and intimate interview. Known for her own sleek style, cool fashion, and her seductive use of shoulder cleavage, Tracy Nicole left us on the edge of our seats as she showcased pieces from her new line.

Before we got to see what the collection was all about, we got to hear from the stylist-turned-designer! You see, Tracy is a very private person who has stepped from behind the shadows and outside of her comfort zone, to discuss how her past has help shape her sense of fashion.

Tracy overcame adversity to make her fashion dream a reality! Her challenges helped shape an acute sensibility to help her understand and create fashion for women. Looking at the very stylish designer, you would have never known that she has battled domestic abuse, breast cancer, a rocky marriage, single motherhood all while building her fashion empire!

Okay, Miss Tracy!

Tracy shared that her driving force with fashion is to make women feel good. She wants any woman despite background, shape and size to not only look good but feel even better.

Simple by Tracy is a sleek line that is attractive to the eye and the pocketbook with an affordable price point that ensures inclusion.. Nicole’s Simple is all that and more. The fashion line caters to curvy girls of all sizes; ranging from a size XS to XXXL.

What we can expect from Simple by Tracy…

cy Nicole debuts Simpleby Tracy and includes plus sizes

Tracy shares that Simple by Tracy Nicole was a dream come true. She literally dreamed the designs and after a month of contemplation, had the pieces sent to production! Simple by Tracy features 3 essential colors that every fashionista covets: Black, Grey, and Taupe.

Atlanta Designer, Tracy Nicole debuts Simple by Tracy and includes plus sizes




cy Nicole debuts Simpleby Tracy and includes plus sizes

Tracy shares that “Simple” embodies her evolution as a woman and designer. That it’s truly about releasing the extra and getting back to the basics. When asked how she would define “Simple by Tracy” the designer smiles and with a delightful laugh shares:

Simple is straight forward, strong, and truthful just like me! It’s about going back to the basics where comfort, durability, and style are essential.


cy Nicole debuts Simpleby Tracy and includes plus sizes

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As a curvy girl who appreciates STRETCH, COMFORT and a GREAT PRICE POINT,  “Simple by Tracy” has our curvy seal of approval! If you want to learn even more about the designer and brand, make sure you follow the #SimplebyTracy hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

What do you think of these pieces? These clean, sleek, and polished pieces? Is this something you can see yourself in? Let’s discuss…

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