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Seven Products To Help You Survive Chub Rub Season

Hey Girl Hey!! So listen boos, I have to send a small apology out because recently I’ve totally been obsessing over all things I love about the summer trends like maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and swimsuit. That I completely forgot to tell with you the most important bit of information I could share during the season. So as your official #teamthickthighs representative and boo, before you buy another romper and serve me a mean side eye…

Girl, IT’S CHUB RUB SEASON and WE (our thighs) need to survive!

Known as “chub rub,” anyone who has ample thighs, knows and has experienced this skin irritation that happens when our thighs happily rub against each other, most often in hot weather, causing pain. And some chub rub can turn into a painful scaly rash, which is usually brought on by a lot of walking or other activity in a wet or humid environment. This is how summer becomes miserable.

Here are 7 Products To Help You Survive Chub Rub Season

And over the years, I tried numerous products to prevent, relieve, and ease the many ills of chaffing and as a lifetime member of #teamthickthigh, I must share with you a few finds to help you survive Chub Rub Season.



Bandelettes are fancy wide lace bands designed to stay put and provide comfort and protection against chafing all day long. Once you pull them up over  your thick thighs they’re held in place with silicone stay-up bands very similar to the make of lace top thigh-highs and they don’t move! With an array of colors and going up to cover thighs  up to 32,” I’m super excited to check out the collection team Bandelettes is bringing to  this year’s TCFStyle Expo as they are one of our sponsors!

Get them at


Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel


So this is my favorite. Known for their history of curing yeast infections, Monistat had now added a complete feminine care to their brand. This non-greasy, fragrance free gel provides on-the-go daily prevention and relief from chafing and irritation of skin in between the inner thigh, bikini area, underarms and breasts.  I applied my 2 quarter size dollops (that dime size application is a joke to these thighs) to my inner thighs in the morning before walking to breakfast and the protective layer would last all day. This was my go to product the entire time of my vacation. I highly recommend it. It can be found at your local drugstore of choice.

For more information and coupon locations go to

Extra Tip: Makes a great makeup primer for my makeup junkies.  

Jockey Skimmies

SkimmiesA must-have for warmer days. The design of the Jockey Skimmies is for added coverage underneath because of their longer-length style which aids in smoothing your silhouette and prevents panty lines. Plus it comes with a cooling system, a moisture-wicking, quick dry fabric that helps prevent chafing. And breathable mesh panels to keep you comfortable, dry and aids in regulating the body. Perfect for working out. Sizes go up to 2XL.

Try Jockey Skimmies at

Chaffing Balms and Sticks


Products like Gold Bond Friction Defense and Bodyglide for Her Original Anti-Chafe Balm offer a soothing formula that is perfect for daily use. This type of defense is designed to provide comfort and relief to your skin that is irritated by friction. Apply in all areas where there is skin to skin contact for a day of relief. They reduce friction while soothing and moisturizing your skin.

For more information go to or


Undersummers by CarrieRae

undersummers by carrie rae

Say Hello to Undersummers Shortlettes. These oh so fancy thigh guards are the ultimate undergarments for comfortable coverage for women. Wear them as a panty shorts under dresses and skirts. Pair with a cami for lounge wear or just wear as under shorts for extra coverage. This lightweight, breathable fabric fits your curves while providing chafe protection & coverage. Available in a wide variety of colors & fun prints up to size3X (24-26).

Get Them at


Lady Anti Monkey Butt® Anti Friction Powder


I first discovered Lady Anti Monkey Butt when I lived in Panama City Beach, Florida.  The heat and humidity made some days feel unbearable. It works really well in those areas that rub, like inner thighs, your bra line and anywhere a extra protection  from wetness. The combination of talc free cornstarch and calamine powder which gives the product a soft, soothing  texture that glides across the skin and feels great So, whether you’re running, walking, working hard or playing hard, you don’t want to spend your day in discomfort.

For more information


Sonsee Woman


I’m a big fan of Sonsee Woman hosiery, so you can guess my excitement when discovering their Anti Chafing Shorts. It’s the little things like the seamless construction in the leg and waistbands for a smooth finish without bunching and riding that makes the comfy anti chafing short so great. Plus the super lightweight breathable fabric is the perfect protector of thick thighs during those hot sticky days of summer in the south.

Get Them At

I’ve suffered from chafing most of my life, because well my thighs have always touched, they do not know an existence of separation. That’s prosperous to them, they love each other too much.  And I admit I may carry mixed emotions about the summer season.

The clothes are always great, but to suffer to the pain of chafing? That is not the life I’m about. This season we will rock those rompers and shorts #teamthickthighs!  All across the world the dreaded chafing epidemic will end (fingers and thighs crossed).

What’s your go to product for Chub Rub?  Have you tried any in this post? Thoughts?

Written by Aaronica

One dope woman/mom/wife/entrepreneur learning to conquer the world one cute outfit at a time.

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  1. I have just been wearing bike shorts under my skirts and dresses but they still ride up the thigh over the course of the day. I will have to look at these other options. I just hope i can find them here in Alberta!

  2. I liked undersummers but get the swish swish sound when walking which i hate and found the sizing to be inconsistent.
    The chafe gel is great but have to reapply if a long day out.

  3. I tried Bandelettes recently but apparently they’re not made for my shape of thighs. They roll up and are not long enough to prevent rubbing. So I will try a non-chafing cream.

    • if they roll up it probably means you got the wrong size. I’ve read in a couple of places that if you don’t get the right size they either roll up or fall down, but once you got the sizing right, they stay put all day long. try contacting the customer service and exchanging them.

    • I had this same problem when I first bought Bandelettes, but then I was told I need to measure my thighs to get the right fit. That was definitely the problem after I measured my thighs, I bought the right fit and have not had a problem since. I absolutely love Bandelettes, they are my go to for Chub Rub.

  4. If you like using creams or anti-chaffing sticks, I highly recommend also using some kind of exfoliating goop on your thighs. It makes the skin extra smooth and keeps away blemishes from clogged pores!

  5. I believe in coverage so my serves both my thighs touching and so that I’m covered should I happen upon a gust of wind. Thank you for this one.

  6. I use a medical product called duoderm that I discovered at the vet clinic and now order online. Works like a charm! It’s like a liquid bandage, and you can get it cheap if you get a few tubes at a time.

  7. I have inverse psoriasis right where my bra hits under my boobs, and sweating just makes it worse and so itchy. I wonder if any of those skin care products would help and not irritate my skin further.

  8. The Gold Bond stick is not available in stores. Even if you follow the links it is not in the product results for CVS or Walgreens. I have been looking for it!

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