Let’s Talk about Premme’s New Drop and Our Favorite Finds!

Can you believe that Premme hasn’t even been around a year?  I struggle to remember what plus fashion was like before the brand existed. Last week, the plus size designer collection from Nicolette Mason and GabiFresh, Premme, dropped 14 new pieces and girl, these are LOOKS.  If you’re like me, and you like to think hard before buying, DON’T DO IT.  If you want it, SNAG IT.

The day of a Premme drop, you better set your alarm and show up with your credit card.  Because if you don’t, there’s a good chance it’ll be sold out. So, here we are a few days later and we are still in love and still are daydreaming about a few of the looks from the newest collection!

And guess what? We’ve shared our favorite looks from the latest Premme drop below, and you can shop all new pieces at!

Our Top Premme Picks from the New Collection!

1. The Marissa

Y’all, this set has already sold out in some sizes.  This brushstroke print was designed by Devin McGrath, and it has POCKETS. I love that Premme continues to collaborate with artists.  I own and love the “Vittoria Surplice Blouse” with print by Amber Vittoria.

Our Favorite Plus Size Picks from the Premme Collection

Shop this high waist palazzo pant set at

Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason name their pieces after babes they know IRL, and this set has me going, “WHO IS MARISSA?!”

2. The Zoey Dress

I had three friends send me this dress, because it’s so BANGING.  This dress is “intentionally oversized,” which isn’t something we see a lot in plus fashion.

Our Favorite Plus Size Picks from the Premme Collection

Pickup this tie-front kimono dress at

Fashion doesn’t have to be “flattering.”  Nicollette explained this belief in an interview with Elle Magazine last July:

“One thing that always bugs me is the pressure to wear ‘flattering’ pieces. What does that mean, anyways? That we have to create the illusion that we’re much smaller than we are? Trends and silhouettes in fashion aren’t always about ‘flattering’ a figure. We’re both individuals who don’t want to compromise on style or experimenting with trends because of our bodies.”

3. Cher Menswear

A new take on Cher Horowitz’s iconic plaid blazer and skirt, this windowpane pattern is ON TREND for 2018.  I’ll be wearing this at The TCF Style Expo in August, like the badass biz babe I am.

Our Favorite Plus Size Picks from the Premme Collection

The Menswear Blazer at

4. A Mint Green Moment

One of my favorite things about Premme is that they embrace color.  No more of this, “I’ll wear black head to toe because I want to look smaller.”  Nah, babe.

Our Favorite Plus Size Picks from the Premme Collection

Shop the Organza Belted Trench at

This trench is reminiscent of a pink trench from an earlier drop, but it has pearlescent buttons to finish the look.

What’s Next?

What will Premme do next?  I for one am hoping that they do future design iterations on the iconic denim dress from one of their first drops – or bring back pieces that sold out before we could snag them (cough black leather jacket cough).

You can shop the collection, NOW at

For those of you who are wondering, yes, the collection has an amazing size range and yes, they do ship internationally!

What are your favorite new Premme pieces?  Did you miss the chance to snag one? Have you had the chance to play in a few pieces? We want to know!

Tell us in the comments!

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