Seeing More Women, Plus Sized and on Television: Is this a Trend or Change?

Fox's More to Love

If you look to the television, plus size and its lack of acceptance or lifestyle is being paraded, parodied, and fashioned all over the television. However, one is left to question its effect and affect on our perceptions within society. Does this liberate of objectify us? Are we finally recognized for our frustrations and outcries or have we become a trend that is suddenly sensationalized throughout entertainment?

From dance shows, reality dating, to now, a drama about a skinny woman waking up plus size, we are finally establishing a greater role within mainstream television, but what message does these shows send? Do they help or hurt our frustrations?

Drop Dead Diva- Plus Size Representation on TV
Drop Dead Diva

I think that these shows do a little of both. While the recent waves of plus size on television, one would be elated that finally the world gets to see that we are human, real people and we have feelings, but on the other hand, the venue or medium in which the message gets sent out could only fuel those who are ignorant or insensitive for their cause.

What is a plus size woman to do?

Curvy Brides Star Yukia Walker Shares The Story You Didn’t See On TV
Curvy Brides Star Yukia Walker Shares The Story You Didn’t See On TV

Do we support although the method in which they showcase and highlight our curves, or do we blindly support the shows because they exist?

Do we allow the message from the dance show that we all want to lose weight?

Do we support the message that all us voluptuous women want an equally husky man?

Or do we encourage the shows that give a woman the chance to walk a mile in our shoes?

These are all questions I have asked myself, only to come to the conclusion that whichever cause, frustration, or message that you closely identify with, SUPPORT your Curvy Sisters!!

Curvy Girls On NUVO TVWhile these shows may not speak to your specific concerns and cares, if the networks see that there is money behind them, then the shows that we ideally would like to see- plus size women strutting their curves, confidentially, fashionably, living amongst straight sized women, not intimidated by the societal woes or concerns may actually exist!

Interview with MTV's Chelsea Settles
MTV’s Chelsea Settles

These type of shows are in the making- only put on hold to see if the successes of our current shows actually pick up steam!

I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns, as I realize that my feelings about this are not just mines.

What are your thoughts about the plus size shows on television right now?

Keep it Curvy.Confident.Chic.

Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

What do you think?


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  1. You expressed the feelings of so many men and women who care about the world of the plus sized. Are plus sized women being exploited or empowered? It's something that I wrestle with a lot…

  2. I feel it is great to see us curvy women on tv more, I just don't want us to be exploited. I think tv has a hard time dealing with that.

  3. I'm struggling with this as well. I realize that if we don't support the shows we send out the message that not even the plus sized community wants to see themselves on t.v.; if we support the shows then its ok for us to be humiliated on national television, youtube, and anywhere else the footage can be broadcast.

    "More To Love" (which they've already nicknamed 'The Fachelor') was a good idea, but as you wrote 'do voluptuous women want an equally husky man?' I've dated attractive, slender men that love attractive plus sized women. Just I see many "teddy bear" men with "skinny minnies". Opposites attract! This show really doesn't appeal to me, I don't even want to watch the skinny girls on "The Bachelor" crying over a man that is in a hot tub, bedroom or showering with that other many women. Its degrading to women, no matter what size. I'll probably watch a few episodes of "More To Love" just to see why the casting agents didn't choose some of my beautiful friends that auditioned for the show. I have a feeling God spared their careers for better things.

    "Dance Your Ass Off" and I are having a love/hate relationship. I HATE the way the week one costumes sensationalized and highlighted the belly fat of practically all of the contestants. I also don't appreciate that anyone gets voted off this show. If having fat people dance on tv HAD to be a weight loss contest then I feel it should be a continuing challenge throughout the season culminating with a winner that achieved the highest dance score/most lbs lost at the end. This way everyone has a chance to lose weight and exercise each week. What I love about the show is how enthusiastic the contestants are each week and the big girls showing off that despite their size, they can do splits.

    I long for the days of watching "Living Single" where we could watch and appreciate Queen Latifah and her girlfriends date attractive men each week and size was never an issue on the show.

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