Plus Size and Smaller than a D Cup: A Frustration

Today we invite blogger, Netta P in to talk about a common issue, plus size and small-chested. WIth her witty self, I invited Netta to chat about this… Please enjoy!

It used to be that if you were plus size, good luck finding a bra that fit and wasn’t as boring as a yawn on a rainy day. Now, there are loads of options out there – at least in comparison to before. Except … for those of us who wear a cup size smaller than a C. That’s right. I wear a cup size B. And I just fill that right on up. C is not gonna cut it for me. Never has. Never will. Sometimes the B cups on the market don’t work either. Leave me with that weird little gap between my bra and my breast. Annoying, to say the least.

Posture support wirefree bra by Comfort Choice

Anyway, I was talking to my good friend, you might know her, The Curvy Fashionista. Mmhmm. And I saw this new bra line that she posted about that’s just launched called Curvy Couture. And then I saw some tweets from my other good friend, Alissa from Stylish Curves. She was tweeting all these pictures from the Curvy Couture holiday preview:





Apparently the line was designed by someone who was a manufacturer for Victoria’s Secret and Lane Bryant. And I started to get excited.

I thought, “OH YES. This is for plus size women! They must mean me!” And I’ve felt that excitement before. I’ve felt it about lingerie. Only to arrive and find out that my bra size isn’t available. This is something that’s been happening to me my entire life. And I know, I know, I might not be as voluptuously endowed as my larger-breasted sisters, and there might be products out there like that one bra from the Itty Bitty Bra Company.

Flatter Me Bra

 (side note: eye roll at your name. I’m not feeling it. I know they’re itty bitty. I don’t need you to rub it in. Although I guess I DID know who your product was for … but it’s not like there’s a bra company out there called “Big Honkin Boobies” marketing to women with larger breasts. It just strikes me as a bit rude.) 

And it might even be that Lane Bryant carries something they call a 40B, but I’m here to tell you I am solidly a 40B upon measuring myself, and the bras from Lane Bryant are gapping all OVER the place. The Flatter Me Bra, which totally fits me, is what the Itty Bitty Bra Company calls their bra for plus size women who wear a cup size smaller than a C.

You know what colors it’s made in?

Black and nude. (Yawn.) And I REALLY feel for my girls who wear a size A or AA because I really haven’t seen anything out there for y’all that isn’t black, nude or white. And if your band size is 42B … there’s not a whole lot out there for you either.

So, I’ve continued to buy my bras from Lane Bryant cause I get a little excited by a little lace and pattern that matches my sexy panties. Even though it’s not really making me feel all that sexy when I wear a t-shirt … at least it’s sometimes giving me a nicely proportioned shape by adding some extra padding.

Goddess Lace Longline Underwire Bra

And I know there are SOME things out there.  Like if you were to check out Bare Necessities or Lavinia there are maybe 5 or 6 options that aren’t black, nude or white. So, some progress has been made for those of us who are 40B.

I DO see some more exciting options from Full Beauty. I would be very interested in trying these bras on though to see if they work or not! A lot of options out there look like they weren’t made with small breasts in mind – which is why the Flatter Me Bra is actually pretty flattering. They understand how to gift a smaller bustline lift under a tshirt!

I guess what I’m really trying to say here is, I KNOW there are other women like me out there. I see them all the time. I mean, I ride the train in NYC, I see at least 2 or 3 women a day who also have smaller breasts and are plus size. I mean this is something I really actually think about when I see them, too. I kind of want to lean over and go – “Hey girl. I see you. I know, bras suck. They ain’t got nothin for us, do they?”

Can someone who is designing a bra specifically for smaller bustlines with a larger band think about this for me? Bra companies? Please?


It’s not just our curvy counterparts that want to feel like they are uplifted properly, supported succinctly, Va-va-voomed voluptuously. I mean, I’m appealing, attractive, delightful, sensuous, sexy, and a little bit sassy when you catch me on any day. I’d love to rock something that makes me feel that way with my clothes on, too, particularly in a corset. Holler at yer girl scout y’all.

Are you a member of the just enough of a handful crew? What is going on with your bustline? Are you waiting for a lingerie company to turn some attention your way specifically? I want to hear about it!

NettaP writes about plus size fashion and life on her own blog at, and she has a weekly plus size fashion show on YouTube called The Round Up. Netta lives in Brooklyn, loves a good sheath dress, and she adores connecting with friends old and new!

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  1. It’s truly hard to find a good lingerie brand that has sizes for different kinds of women, having a big band and lesser cup size in proportion would really be a bad problem. I’ve been helping my friend with her bra search (Good thing I don’t have the problem she has) and we found this website, She found lingerie that’s for her size and enjoys them but she still wants to something about the band size. She’s on a diet know and it’s really helped her find new bras easier than before.

  2. I quit my search for bras when I was around 15. I’ll be 25 in a couple months and to this day I only wear sports bras. It’s all I can find that does a decent job of making them noticeable and presentable. It sucks.

  3. I’m sitting here reading this in my beautiful (expensive) Peplum bathing suit from Torrid on the verge of tears. I order it online and picked it up in-store. My bra size is 42b, and I shared my fear of the cups being too big with the associate, she smiled and said “no need to worry the cups on this bathing suit run small.” I practically skipped out of the store in excitement only to get home, put it on, and never want to swim in public. I look like a 10 year old trying on her mothers bra.
    I think the hardest part for me about being plus sized with a smaller bust, is that I get so excited cause these trendy plus size stores are popping up only to find the clothes are still not made for me. I struggle enough with the fact that I have a plus sized body, I wish I didn’t have to deal with the small boob problem as well.

  4. OMG, best post EVER! I’m going to parrot many of those who have commented and rejoice that I’m not alone!! I’ve never felt like my bust was proportionate and wondered who genes I got in my large-chested family. When I shop for clothes, like at Lane Bryant, I end up with tops a size smaller than bottoms other wise the darting in the chest is halfway down my torso, lol. I did try their bras, but the padding and such still left gaps and all that nonsense wasn’t comfortable.

    I’m currently wearing the strapless bras from Torrid in 40B or 42B, depending on weight fluctuation. (I’m about a size 16/18.) I like the strapless bra from Torrid because:
    1- Straps serve no purpose. We’re not holding anything up in my case and straps just fall off my shoulders. So annoying….
    2- These have a nice, wide, band which is pretty comfy.
    3- There is a little bit of padding so I look a more in proportion in my clothing. I would say it makes me a good, solid B when I’m probably nearer to an A. (The LB bras we trying to look like a D cup. I’m not that fake! Lol)
    4- These bras seem to hold up pretty well with normal wear and tear.

    That’s the best I’ve found so far. Ya know, until I commit to being full on hipster and going bra-less. #nipplerings #portland #jk ; )

  5. Ugh! You are singing my song!
    44? 46? A/B… yes, the Layne Bryant B cups are NOT B cups. I could totally pack my wallet, keys, lunch for work & a book in the gaps in their “B” cups.
    I’m so glad you posted Itty Bitty… I gave up hope that a bra could ever fit me, so I just MacGyver together “close enough”.
    Now if I could just afford one….
    I hate paying double for $0.70 worth of fabric.

  6. I have had the same problem finding smaller cup bras that fit. I was a 42B for a little while and found it extremely difficult to find anything in my size. Whenever I would ask retail clerks if the carried anything above 38B they would look at me weird. I have since grown to a 42C now and still have problems. I have noticed that Kohls occasionally carries that size (sometimes Maidenform carries that size, and sometimes Olga), but still finding cute designs for a bra is rather difficult. A friend of mine took me into a Victoria’s Secret thinking that there would be bras in my size. The sales associate told me there is no such thing as a 42C and that I was really a 38D. Looking at her funny, I humored her and my friend and tried on a bra the suggested for me. At first I couldn’t get the band hooked behind my back so they gave me a bra extender. My breasts couldn’t even fill the D cup.

  7. I know what all you ladies are going through. I was told for so many years that I would eventually get full breasts, but I never did. I’m in a 46 a/b right now. I hate Lane Bryant. Nothing there ever fits. When I started nursing, finding a nursing bra was even worse than finding a regular bra. Brands that work for me included-
    1. Breezies (the B cups were still B cups even in large band sizes)
    2. Bravado silk seamless nursing bras. Seriously, these things are fricking awesome. I’m no longer nursing, but I still wear those bras. Heck I have 12 of them and they even come in pretty colors! They fit a 42-46 A-C in size XL.

    As for bathingsuits, I hear your frustration there too. My best advice is to find an old Lands End line of swimsuits that had different cup sizes in different sizes. You could even get a 20 with an A cup, or a 18 with a B cup etc. They didn’t sell well in the small cup size/large body size configurations, so they were really cheap towards the end. I think I paid $6.50 for an 18A.

  8. YES! I’m a 42A and I am mostly stuck with sports bras, which are so not sexy. I would love to find a cute underwire bra that actually fits me. I don’t know why bra manufacturers seem to think all plus size women have big boobs. There are a lot of us A and B cups out there. I mean, when my best friend and I go shopping together, she finds all of these cute bras in the “big honkin boobies” (I lol’ed at that) section, but there’s nothing at all for me unless I need a new sports bra. I tried on some Lane Bryant bras once, and think I could have fit both of my boobs plus an apple or two in each one of their 42B bra’s cups. It’s ridiculous how little there is out there for us.

  9. Yes! I have a similar problem. I am about a 42B or 42C, sometimes a 44B or 44C. It’s next to impossible to find a bra that fits me. Also the wires dig in so bad even when the band isn’t tight…I feel like maybe I have a wider rib cage or something and maybe my boobs are farther apart. I don’t know WHAT the problem is, but structurally wire bras aren’t made to fit my body comfortably. It makes me sad that I can never find one that feels at all comfortable. I fantasize about somehow designing a completely custom bra made just for me. I’d take that over a flying car, future scientists. lol Right now I settle for wearing bras that kind of fit and have no wires, but they aren’t flattering. My boobs just look smooshed and/or floppy. Also, sometimes a bra will say no underwire! but then have stupid wires on the sides that bend that are just as uncomfortable. *sigh*

  10. I’m something like a 44A/B. I don’t have any bras that fit me right so thats a guess based on how Lane Bryant bras fit me. Too small for the plus-size bras, too big to go without bras (oh how I wish I could). I often think I’m just wearing the wrong bra size, then I get fitted at LB and they tell me I’m a 44DD and I’m like nooo freaking way is that my size. I put on the bra they give me and surely enough I’m swimming in it. So I just deal with ill-fitting bras that are either too big in the cup or too small in the band. Sometimes both! Most of my Lane Bryant bras can’t be worn with certain shirts. I usually get 42B/C there. You can sorta get away with it by wearing a cami a size or two too small underneath your shirt though to flatten it out. I have a 40D from there that is the most perfect fit for my breasts but the band is killer. I really need to get some extenders. The best fit bra I’ve ever found was a clearance cupless bra from Torrid that I think is 42B. I can never find anything under D cup at Torrid nowadays though.

  11. I’m a 48a because I’m transgender and it is such a pain to find ANYTHING in my size period. I finally found Oragsmi Customs which is trans friendly and can custom make what you want for a very reasonable price! Yay!

  12. Try being a 50-C.
    It’s bad enough being ridiculed and an outcast as a super plus sized woman. But having smaller boobs on top of it? (*hangs head in shame*) And there is nothing out there for the super plus with small boobs. (50 + band size and under a D cup) Where can we find pretty, sexy bras (preferably padded for the extra help) that is like a 50-C.?

  13. I know this pain. I’m 40-42 C. My whole body is oddly proportioned due to thyroid disease and fibromyalgia. I went from skinny to bigger, and now I am plus size and my boobs are too small for plus size clothing, and too big for normal clothing. Finding bras that fit is next to impossible.

  14. Omg! I’ve stumbled upon this post after a day long search in stores and online for new bras. I used to believe I was a 38c until I actually measured. (I put on a bit of weight and my bras were digging ) I’m a 42b and I am yet to find anything that works. I refuse to pay 50+ bucks for a single basic colored bra. I want to feel sexy in lace and other colors.
    The search continues. Gd luck ladies!!! #Ifeelyourpain

  15. I am plus size with just a handful of boob myself. Size 14 and a 40B and trying to find a bra is a nightmare!!!! Even bathing suits are a nightmare with that horrible gap on top just to fit my bottom!! GEEZ , we need a lingerie / swim suit line for our body type PLEASE

  16. I am so glad im not the only one who struggles with this and feels the same. Its so hard. And also when i do find one it sure as hell is not accessible!! Bras that are like 40, 50,60!! Like whydo i have to pay triple what thin people pay for a plane bra? I have ti*s too! I also dont want to be showing my nipples and get some support. The world just works so hard at making fat women feel like they dont belong, from clothes, to the entire culture.

  17. I had to reply to the person who recommended getting fitted at Nordstrom’s. I did that a few months ago and came out a 42a. The lady said “it’s going to be hard to find anything since you don’t have any boobies.” Um. I did end up finding two I liked, but I can’t say that was a super fun experience.

  18. I don’t get it myself. I’m plus size, in a 22. I’m bigger than a full B cup, but not quite enough to fill a C. I usually have to buy 42/44 C cup bras. And rarely do I find any with fun patterns or sexy.

    As for lingerie, any of the plus sizes are meant for bigger breasts. I’ve bought plenty of it, and the chest area is just too big. Companies don’t seem to know that we plus size girls don’t always have C cup+….

    • HI!!! You and I are >>here<< Thank you so much for leaving supportive words! Out of pure curiosity... when was the last time you were fitted? I have learned that some of my frustrations are quelled with knowing my measurements...

  19. This hits me hard. I’m a 48A, and the only bras I’ve found in my size is one by Glamorise, and a few by Leading Lady. I mostly go braless and just wear camisoles with a support shelf.

  20. This is clearly a very old article but I came across it after googling, “being a bigger girl with a small chest sucks.” I’m desperate to find a bra and sports bra that actually fits. Here’s the thing… I’ve always worn a larger number. I remember being 16 and my mom walking me into Lane Bryant with her so I could find a bra. She knew the struggle I was having. I was 16, 130 lbs with an A cup chest. When I say they laughed at me when I said I usually wear a 42 around…. they told me just by looking at me there is no way. 36 for sure. She pulled out that tape measurer and I swear her jaw hit the floor. Sure enough I needed a 42. Small books, small girl, MASSIVE rib cage. Sucks. So here I am at 31, in the gym everyday, eating healthy, losing weight and feeling good and even an XL sports bra makes me feel like I am suffocating. I wear a medium in my clothes, but need an XXL to feel somewhat comfortable in a sports bra. Like she mentions in the article I always have a huge gap in my regular bras too. Sports bras though I truly do not understand how women with LARGE breasts, whether they have a tiny rib cage or large, fit their boobs in an XL bra. My small boobs are so squashed it’s unbearable.

    All this complaining to ask… have we found a company that supports anything 42a-b and similar?

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