torrid wide calf boots

When it comes to Fall we all know it’s all about boots, boots, boots! Here at The Curvy Fashionista we understand the struggle! Finding the perfect wide calf boot can be overwhelming but let me tell you the options are out there. Booties, tall boots, combat boot, girly boots all that you are looking for we’ve got you! Check out the list of the main retailers, brands, and designers that will come through for the perfect boot for the fall season!

Check Out These Places to Shop for Wide Calf Boots 

Wide Calf Boot Fit Tips:

  • Not all wide calf boots are ALSO wide width. Make sure you check the brand and the description to make ensure a proper fit.
  • Speaking of fit- MEASURE YOUR CALVES! It is imperative that you measure or get them measured! Take a tape measurer and measure around the fuller parts of your calves! Some brands fit on the calf size and knowing this will help you navigate the field!
  • If you are looking for a great pair to last you all year and then some, you may want to check fabrication and quality of boot. I treat my boot purchases as investments, because I do not have the time or the patience shopping for boots that fit my calves! LOL
  • If you are trying to gauge where the wide calf boot will hit on your calf, the shaft height is what you want to look for and measure from your heel up.

Still looking for more options?

Here are a few of our favorite wide calf boot options from across the web: