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Big & Tall: 11 Dapper and Stylish Plus Size Men on Instagram You Should Follow NOW!

Hey Girl, Hey! Soooo, um… Can we talk? So I kinda have a bit of a secret to share with you guys. Late at night when my day has finally wine down, I participate in the calming practice of strolling through Instagram to find something to soothe my soul before going to sleep. Things like cute puppies, kids saying the darndest things and pretty clothes. Recently this routine has changed, I came across the many delightful posts from the plus size men of IG. And well, my reactions were a little alarming.

Some are  models, stylists, bloggers, dads, husbands and boyfriends just sharing their life like most of us do.  And while there is nothing more attractive to me than a big guy comfortable in his skin rocking his wardrobe to the fullest if he throws in the smile; I’m done. Have you seen these specimens of fine dressed men parading through your IG? Girl, don’t worry. I took some time out of my “admiration” schedule to list 11 plus size men on IG you must follow.

Here Are 11 Plus Size Men on Instagram You Should Follow

Are you ready?? I know there are more, and we want to hear from you!

Michael-Anthony Spearman @thebigfashionguy

The Big Fashion Guy


Bruce Sturgell @chubstr


Marquis Neal @AshleyTisdick


Kelvin Davis @notoriouslydapper



Antonio @anttoekneeoh12 anttoekneeoh12


Marv Neal @marvneal



Tyler Jacobs @tj_wiggles


Jeremy @fatmodelj


Matiu Gordon @matiugordon


Zach Miko @zachmiko



James R. Sanders @jamesrsanders


My chosen title is officially a “cute creeper” on some of their pages, stalking their style, dapperness and wit. It’s this combination of these, that make these fella the treat to scroll by and brighten my day a bit.  And since nothing is going down in the DM, I toss plenty “likes” up in the air on several occasions as stroll by in the night. Maybe even additional long glances and sly grins but I can’t be alone here. Right! Right?

But on a serious note, in this world of body positivity, it matters JUST as much to men as it does to us women! So what a better way to share the love?

How handsome are these guys?  Do you have a favorite plus size man to follow?  Help a sister out! Drop those links , blogs, and IG handles below!

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