Ask the Reader: The Belt Bag or the Fanny Pack, are YOU rocking one?

History has a funny way of repeating itself.

This saying right here isn’t just for things like politics and certainly rings true for fashion! In case you haven’t noticed, we’re reliving the 90s right here and now in 2018. And guess what gals? The FANNY PACK is back!!!

Whether you call it a fanny pack, pouchette, or bougie belt bag, these functional waist-definers are ready to don your outfit. And they also happen to come in plus sizes! But the real question is… are you going to be rocking one?

Helloooooo Plus Size Fanny Pack!!!

Plus Size Fanny Pack & Belt Bags
Universal Standard Leather Belt + Midi Pochette at
Plus Size Fanny Pack & Belt Bags
Savage Fanny Pack from

Listen, the fanny pack has come a long way. We aren’t rocking the old school Saved By The Bell goofy ones any longer. Fanny packs now have style, personality and non-tacky pizzazz just waiting to do things like hold your phone and wallet so you can go through life hands-free. This trend is spreading like wildfire right now!!!

Quilted Plus Size Fanny Pack from Torrid
Quilted Fanny Pack from

Are YOU Rocking The Fanny Pack or Belt Bag?

If you’re a runner or workout, the fanny pack has never gone out of style. I mean, where else are we supposed to put keys and things while we’re sweating for the summer, right? But influencers are shamelessly bringing this trend back for the fashionistas and fashionistos (is that a thing?) of the world.

Plus Size Fanny Pack & Belt Bags
Mini Saddle Belt Bag from

Fanny packs are coming out in all colors and materials from translucent PVC, quilted leathers and denim, to iridescent styles in a variety of fabrications. You can get them in the fancy “belt bag” which is spotted being worn across the body similar to that of the cross-body bag or you can get the traditional fanny pack that sits on the waist.

Style wise, these are being dressed up and worn to parties, to the store, and for everyday use. They’re being added to the prim and proper preppy outfits too! You will find a belt bag that matches your style and taste and this is curious!

Plus Size Fanny Pack & Belt Bags
Rose Gold Fanny Pack from

Sleek and chic, bright and bold, or playful and quirky- you are going to find more than a few options in a variety of price ranges for your budget, too!

This is one trend that is transcending style-specific looks. There’s literally a fanny pack or belt bag for anyone! But the real question here is:

 Will you be hopping on the trend and rocking your fanny pack?

Is this a trend you can see yourself playing around with and in? Can you see yourself going handsfree in style or is this a trend you care not to resurrect? Let’s discuss!

Written by Aaronica

One dope woman/mom/wife/entrepreneur learning to conquer the world one cute outfit at a time.

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  1. Yes!!! I just ordered one yesterday after noticing at least 3 or 4 stylish-looking kids wearing them at a concert I went to. They’re so convenient! I’m really hoping this trend lasts because I love belt bags but I didn’t have the confidence to wear one for a long time because people are so quick to hate on them. But a lot of the time I end up lacing my crossbody through my belt loops on long days when my neck is bothering me too much for me to care if I look dorky anyway! I figure it’s going to be great not having to resort to that.

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