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The Must Have Collection of Plus Size Activewear Is Here, Ladies! Get Into Dia & Co Active!

Phtograph by Shannon Greer/Dia&Co

Most of y’all should be familiar with Dia&Co by now, right? The online personalized stylist company is fit to tailor a curvy girl’s needs via subscription boxes with the motto, “try it before you buy it!” Well. it’s partnerships and collaborations have substantially grown since our fearless leader Marie Denee unveiled her unboxing. And today? They announce their latest project with their plus size activewear project, #FitToThrive!

The subscription service has worked with cool brands such as Girl With Curves and is all about the body-positive movement, as showcased with their #MyBodyFirst campaign.

Well, now, Dia&Co is leveling-up and taking over the activewear industry! Say hello to Dia&Co Active! Offering activewear sizes 14-32, Dia&Co Active is the world’s largest selection of plus size activewear!

Plus Size Activewear Fit to Thrive at Dia & Co
Blogger Cece Olisa leading a class Photograph by Shannon Greer/Dia&Co

And those cool partnerships are only getting better! The line will feature brands such as Day/Won by Candice Huffine and EleVen by Venus Williams! In fact, EleVen’s plus size line will be exclusively at Dia&Co!


Along with the launch, Dia&Co is announcing a new campaign, #FitToThrive! The brand’s mission is to prove that plus size bodies are not the “before” and it’s time to eliminate the exclusion of curvy babes from the fitness industry!

Plus Size Activewear Fit to Thrive at Dia & Co
Photograph by Shannon Greer/Dia&Co

“Caring about wellness doesn’t stop at a certain size but those of us who wear sizes 14+ often face a toxic fitness culture that at best ignores us, and at worst, openly shames us,” said Nadia Boujarwah, Dia&Co Co-Founder & CEO. “For too long, we’ve been portrayed only as a “before” photo, but that stops now.”

Marie’s Dia & Co personal stylist, Ashby Vose explained just how she’s #FitToThrive on her own social media account.

Plus Size Activewear Fit to Thrive at Dia & Co

“My body? It’s strong. It’s flexible. It’s powerful,” Vose exclaimed. “We don’t get to see nearly enough images of plus-size bodies being active and it’s time to change that. I’m grateful for @diaandco for seeing me as something more than a “before” image in a weight loss commercial, because I am so much more. I am #fittothrive.”

You ARE so much more Ashby, and thanks to you and Dia&Co for inspiring us to feel the same!

Shop and Learn More about Dia&Co Active at!

Y’all! What do you think about this news? I know that I am always on the lookout for more plus size activewear options, if even for this athleisure life. But to know that we have more options to play in, this is a score for us!

How many items do you already have in your cart? Let’s flex in the comments!

Written by Tonja Renée Stidhum

Tonja Renée Stidhum is a writer/director made of sugar and spice and everything rice. She has the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence.

What do you think?


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