From the Mouth of a Plus Size Model: 5 Modeling Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

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From the Mouth of a Plus Size Model: 5 Modeling Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

By: Christina Mendez

“How do I become a plus size model?” I get at least 30 DMs a day from girls all over the world. There is not one direct answer to that question. You can get discovered on the streets, you can win a modeling contest, you can apply online, you can submit pictures via mail, you can attend an open call, you can get discovered on social media and the list goes on. Like anything in life it is your responsibility to research and learn about the position you want. Here are some tips:

Plus Size Modeling Tips
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Google is your friend…use it. There is over 479,000 results when you enter “How do I become a plus size model?” get your pen and paper and read different perspective and tips from industry experts all over the world.


Be Receptive

As you embark in this journey you will hit highs and lows. Many aspiring and new models tend to feel untouchable when they hit their first high. However modeling careers are like a rollercoaster….scary, many ups/downs/turns, fun and unpredictable. You should never feel like you “know it all” and always be open to criticism and feedback.

Plus Size Modeling Tips
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Be Patient

I know we now live in an ‘instant’ world but successful models will tell you their journey was not created overnight. I have and continue to live this dream for over 13 years and I have YET to make it. Some of your favorite models have tread this road for almost 2 decades. Be patient but never be motionless. Continue learning, practicing and dreaming big.


Don’t Hate

Easier said than done right? When you working hard towards a goal and see folks zoom by, it sparks an envious muscle. We are human and even the nicest person in the world has experience these feelings…its normal. However you can use that ammo to push harder and/or redirect your plan. I personally do not follow every model I know and the reason is, I prefer to run my course without the devil tapping me in the shoulder and reminding me how far back I am. Don’t get me wrong, I cheer my curvy ladies and applaud & support them for all their wins because I know a win for one can positively affect us all.


I once heard that most musical geniuses purposely stay away from the radio and TV when they are working on their albums to avoid creative distraction and I feel this method personally works for me when I am planning and executing a new project.


Plus Size Modeling Tips
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Nothing Lasts For Ever

Just like the famous line used by Heidi Klum on Project Runway ‘One Day You’re In & the Next Day You’re Out’. That is very true in the modeling industry and experiences will teach you how to bounce back and move on. I am a Pieces [aka super sensitive] so when I started I was a mess. I would cry, lose sleep and be in a funk for days when I lost an opportunity or experienced work relationships turn sour. With time, I learned to adapt to those setback. Now I know you lose one and you gain two and what is meant to be will be. God has sprinkled so many blessings with your name on it to worry about the once that are clearly not yours. The amazing part of ‘nothing lasting forever’ is on the other hand you won’t be in a funk or in negative place forever.

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Hope you retain and apply these tips. Go out there, be great, work smart and dream big!

All my aspiring models, was this information helpful? Are you ready to apply these tips to kickstart your modeling career?

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