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Can we Get an Indie Plus Size Designer Collaboration with a Big Brand?

Over these past couple of years, we have seen an amazing run of Blogger and designer collaborations. Nordstrom with Something Navy; H&M; Target with Who What Wear and various brands. Even our plus size retailers have featured different collaborations! Lane Bryant with two blogger collabs AND their designer collections. Eloquii has even tossed their hat in the game with one. But will we see an indie plus size designer collaboration? 

What happened to our independent plus size designers doing a collaboration with these major plus size retailers? Think about it… When you see these conversations and collections happening, why haven’t the plus size brands OR the mainstream retailers and designers tapped these extremely talented and resourceful plus size designers for their own capsule collections?

What Is Stopping these Brands from doing a Plus Size Designer Collab?

We have more than a few designers who are talented, have the audience, and who have the skill set to fashion a collection to add value. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t take away from the influencers who are killing the game. This doesn’t take away from the mainstream collaborations that you see at Target, Nordstrom, or even at H & M.

I’m suggesting that we also think about and include the indie plus size designers into this mix, as an option!

What if we shared a few designers that we think would do an amazing capsule collection? One that would really shake up the fashion space? Think about it! If we are playing around with a 24-billion-dollar industry that has yet to actualize its full potential, why not innovate, right?

Why not tap into these options to give support to the plus size fashion infrastructure and give us more access to these plus size designers? The ones who happen to be independent, who started from their home, those who now have their own showroom?

plus size fashion
Photo courtesy of Addition Elle

If a retailer really wants to make a supportive statement, then they should tap into the plus size fashion community.

In the plus size world, the indie plus size designers happen to be the lifeblood of our community. These are the ones who bucked the system and gave us what we have been asking for. They drive trends, are innovative with silhouettes, and literally push the fashion envelope for plus size people.

We have quite an array of plus size designers to choose from. Those whose audiences leap to support. And if you as a brand are looking to freshen up your assortment or bring a little more to your product line, this is a low hanging fruit opportunity!

With how far plus size fashion has come, there are more than a few designers who could actually help bring a new silhouette, new customers, and help breathe new life into your brand. Add to the fact that from a sourcing perspective, you would not even have to buy from various manufacturers. There is a bit of streamlining that could help with your production AND assist with the designers own.

It is indeed a win/win opportunity here.

Want to know which 5 Indie Plus Size designers would be a great start?

And just so that I am clear, this is not a wholesale situation. This is a truly collaborative idea, where together, you design pieces that speak to both customers.

Monif C – For the Bold and Unapologetic Swim and Fashion

indie designer Monif C
Photo courtesy of Monif C.

Monif C has been a plus size fashion trailblazer and a thought leader in the community. For the longest time, Monif C plus sizes has been delivering contemporary plus size fashion, before we even knew what it was called. From bold colors, fun and chic suiting, to daring silhouettes, and let’s not forget, Monif C’s amazing plus size swim options.

A few ideal pairings could be Top Shop, H & M or Nordstrom. Ohhh, a Nordstrom collaboration would be golden, especially as the brand is on hiatus. But honestly, why not a Swimsuits for All collaboration! This would make the most sense. Imagine combining the support and styling with Swimsuits for All platform!  

Oh, either one of these would be a true partnership and one that we could see happening, effortlessly. What do you think?

Who would Monif C be an amazing partner with?


Jibri – For the Upscale high fashion lover

indie designer Jibri
Photo courtesy of Jibri

Full frontal contemporary plus size fashion. We would love to see Jibri do an exclusive capsule collection with Bloomingdale’s and for them to market it in store and online. Bloomie’s, Nordie’s, or even a Nieman’s as they find their plus size footing. Perhaps?! We can even see an exclusive run for Jibri with 11 Honoré.

But on the other hand, we can also envision a Jibri for Target. There is a sophistication, edginess, boldness with Jibri, and if you look at some of the collections that are already at Target, it could work!

With Prologue and Who What Where, why not Jibri for Target? Her unique and playful silhouettes paired with the unapologetic style and fashion, that Jibri is known for would slide in seamlessly. This collaboration would offer an accessible price point to a new-to-them plus size designer.

These collaborations could really shake the table! For those who are looking for something different and who dare to be or dare to live on the edge of fashion, why not?

Who do you see Jibri collaborating with?


 Zelie for She – For the Luxe Bohemian

indie designer Zelie for She
Photo courtesy of Zelie for She

For the easy breezy and carefree. If you are a boho luxe girl who is California dreamin’ and unbothered, then Zelie for She is right up your alley. If you have a bit of a glam life (or want one) paired with a little bit of sophistication, Zelie for She is all of this.  We could see Zelie for She for Macy’s, ModCloth, or even with an exclusive line with Forever 21.

But if you want to push the envelope, why not Zelie for She for Eloquii? Bringing some of those bohemian vibes to contrast the polish that Eloquii serves? When we think of California living and California dreamin’, there is something that Elann brings to the plus size fashion game that is missing.  

Zelie for She could definitely give a few of these mainstream brands a run for their money with the right collab, don’t you think?

Who could you see picking up Zelie for She?

Christian Omeshun – For the Sophisticated Minimalist

indie brand Christian Omeshun
Photo courtesy of Christian Omeshun


Christian Omeshun by Ashontay is for the poised, polished, and playful plus size woman who always enjoys a great look. This designer gives us clean lines and we could see a collaboration with Universal Standard, or even with a Macy’s exclusive. If Nordstrom wanted to play a bit more boldly, then this would be a great addition to bridge their BP and main plus range.

What works for Christian Omeshun with a variety of brands, are the signature crop top and midi skirt sets. The matching set, with a variety of mix and match options, would be an interesting and fun way for these retailers to bring a new designer in. And as Christian Omeshun plays in evening wear, this could also be another way to bring in more prom options into these retailer’s assortments!

Where could you see Christian Omeshun hanging?

URTUMUCH – For the Glam Lounge Life

Drama, cheeky, luxe, and playful. All of these describe the URTUMUCH freshman collection from industry veteran, Jen Wilder. This loungewear brand serves us dramatic kaftans for luxe lounging.  

As plus size women are investing in themselves and their clothing, URTUMUCH speaks to that specific person who is not afraid to have a little fun with her clothing options. Any brand that picks up this line also gets an experienced technical designer who intimately knows the fashion side of business… one who could really speak to the fit, consumer, and to what is missing…

This would be a really fun partnership that could happen with Saks, Nordstrom, and even Eloquii.  Would Target be too off? I think this would be a fun pairing too!

Who does URTUMUCH align with, for you?


These five are only a few of the indie plus size designers that could hold their own with a major retailer, for a collaboration. We purposely shared a cross section of brands, to show the amalgamation of designers that are available to play.

There are a few more brands that I would love to see be given a platform to play: Z by Zevarra, Courtney Noelle, the Wendy S Collection, to name a few more.

What the fashion industry powers that be need to understand, is that these designers will bring it.

The plus size community wants it. The infrastructure of the plus size space can support it.

In order to grow as a brand and to take larger slices of that market share pie, you have to do something innovative, something that will shake things up. We are not asking for an extreme option here…  Who says you couldn’t alternate between influencer and indie?

brands for indie collaboration
Photo courtesy of Eloquii

Lane Bryant, why not a very contemporary edgy capsule collection, part of the fast lane collection. Eloquii, why not bring in a bohemian designer, to add a softer side OR a minimalist designer, who could introduce a similar aesthetic?

There are options here… this could work.

But what I really want to know is:

What are you thinking? Which designer would you love to see collaborate with some of our favorite retailers? Which ones you think would be a smashing hit?

Let us know what you think.

I have to know what indie plus size designer collaboration would you love to see and with which retailer? Let’s discuss this in the comments below…

Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

What do you think?


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