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Holiday Gift Guide for the Plus Size Traveler

Backpacking through Europe seems like a common addition to many bucket lists. But traveling while fat is oftentimes a super uncomfortable experience for a plus size traveler. There are lots of traveler’s gift guides out there, but we want to encourage the mantra of making yourself comfortable and to take up space proudly.

Regardless of the space your in while you make moves abroad, be sure to make the most of it. There are so many new innovations for those catching flights it’s impossible not to find something for your loved one always on the go. From temperature-controlled water bottles to super cozy travel blankets, you’ll get many thank you’s for thinking of something they haven’t already.

Despite what you may think, not all travel gifts have to be costly. You’ll be surprised at some of the things on this list that will hopefully make you think bigger (but still affordable) with your traveler’s gift. Nowadays, more brands are offering smaller TSA-friendly packaging to carry with you—whether you’re traveling or simply always on the move. We’re so down for these traveler’s gifts, we think you might convince yourself to take a trip of your own. Here are 16 of the best gifts for travelers.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Plus Size Traveler

How do you like our picks? Is anything calling you to your own vacation getaway? What else would you have liked to see on our list? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Ari

Ari is a plus-size blogger and writer with a focus on representation in fashion and beauty from a Black, fat, and queer perspective. Having worked in media for over 10 years, she has delved into television and fashion show productions as well as public relations. Ari and her work have been featured in Bustle, Apartment Therapy's sister site, The Kitchn, Revelist, Narcity, Refinery29, The Cut, the late, and now The Curvy Fashionista

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