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His Style: 7 Places to Shop for the Big & Tall and Plus Size Man

I certainly understand the pressure of being a big fella and wanting to be fly and the demands that come with it. Over the years, I would receive Facebook inboxes, emails or Dm’s via Instagram about places to shop or where I purchased an item I was rocking. And if one person is asking a question, usually others are probably thinking it right?

So today, I open my inbox and share the details of my personal style with a fellow big guy who follows my page and then I will share seven places to shop for plus size men fashion…

What’s up bro?

Your page is inspiring to me. I’m a plus sized male myself and I’m looking to change the way I dress and I was looking to take some pointers myself. I wear a 44-46 waist in jeans and it’s tough out here to find fashionable clothes that fit to wear, especially where I live. Was wondering if you had any sites to direct me to where I can find some business casual/ casual clothes for brothers of our size? Really look up to your style and look forward to hearing from you… Street clothing advice is welcome too Appreciate you- Mr.BJones

I too was once a size 44/46 in the waist, I’m now down to like a 38-40. Currently in my closet are Levi Jeans, they fit sort of high in the waist.  I’m more muscle than fat and my problem area is my belly. I wear an XL or 2xl and depending on the store or site, I can get into some things! I don’t know what city you’re in, but try a place like K&G, it’s a casual store that sells everything from plus size men suiting to casual pieces or H&M  for your classics or joggers… joggers save the day, especially with a drop tee and a nice coat. Oh! Pay attention to your shoes, women always notice your shoes first 😉

His Style: 7 Places to Shop for the Big & Tall and Plus Size Man
H&M Coat

All through high school, I’ve always been the bigger guy with style. What I’ve learned is that (no matter what you wear) it’s all about the fit! Like women, I think a lot of men try to hide their shape by buying bigger clothing. This never works, just like buying too tight clothing. My stylist trick is to always buy big and hire a tailor to custom the fit to you. 

I buy power pieces: coats, dope shoes, hats, something to draw attention from where you don’t want it and with me, it’s my stomach area.

So now that we got that out of the way… Here is the meat to the potatoes,  right!  I guess you say, hurry up and get to it, right? Well now that I have shared my personal style and my own tips, let me share my seven go to shops to check out, that I’ve purchased from myself,  and where I’ll be going to, in the near future.

His Style: 7 Places to Shop for the Big & Tall and Plus Size Man

His Style: 7 Places to Shop for the Big & Tall and Plus Size Man

  1. DestinationXL carries everything from furnishing for the big man to underwear for the big man, even popular male fashion brands like Nautica, Levis, Ralph Lauren are sold here! I purchased the shirt above from
  2. H& Did you know that H&M carries Extended Sizes? With over 100 items ranging in size XXL to 44-inch waist, the selection is pretty decent for the fast fashion brand.  You can always count on H&M for one two pieces that are sure to get everyone’s attention. Like this longline coat, I’m wearing above. H&M brand originally $89.99, but I waited till it dropped down $59.99.
  3. Yes, Nordstrom specializes in extended sizes. Carrying some of the higher end designers, this department store also keeps the big man shoe game up to par with sizes that go up to 20.
  4. So for the Label whores, I have the right spot for you. Versace carries some dope accessories ranging in size up to 4XL in belts, 47/14 in shoes and even 6x in some Tees. Tip: Know your conversions-I’m a personal shopper and a lot of my bigger baller belly clients love it.
  5. Since the launch of their Plus Size Men collection this past December. UK retail brand, has us big men in mind.  With sizing starting at XL-XXXXL, the collection has me intrigued, but I have yet to cop anything yet. I’ll update you on that when it happens.
  6. The AYV This streetwear brand is fueling the streets style icons likes of Eminem, Bizarre from D-12, Rapper Oba Rowland, Marcell Dareus of Buffalo Bills, and Brandon Graham of the Philadelphia Eagles. Specializing in joggers, cargos, hoodies and slogan tees, up to a 4xl, you can suit up your street look and top it off with Dad caps.
  7. 2 Big With sizing from 14 to 21 in widths B to 9E, 2 Big has the big man covered.  I wear an 11 standing at 6ft even a little taller in Timbs and many times I size on up for comfort.  This big man footwear brand carries everything from flips flops and golf shoe to rain and steel toe boots.


His Style: 7 Places to Shop for the Big & Tall and Plus Size Man

Hope these sites do you some justice to update your big man’s wardrobe. I’ll continue to bring the latest looks in plus size male fashion in the upcoming seasons of for spring and summer.

For the Fellas,  What’s your style?

For the Ladies? What is the first thing you notice about a big man’s style?

Let me know and… keep being Fly Big Fellas.

Written by Aaronica

One dope woman/mom/wife/entrepreneur learning to conquer the world one cute outfit at a time.

What do you think?


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  1. Marv, your style is always on point! I enjoyed this post! The first thing I notice about a mans style is hopefully his scent and then I tend to take in his overall since of style. Is he rugged, preppy, trendy. All of it works for me, as longs as he’s clean, smells good and has confidence!

    Great post!

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