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[VIDEO] GabiFresh Appears on ‘The Real’ & Discusses Plus Size Industry Evolution + New Swimsuit Collection

Chile, have you heard? Gabi Gregg AKA GabiFresh, will be on the daytime talk show, ‘The Real,’ TODAY, Thursday, April 7. She dishes on her fourth swimsuit collection with Swimsuits for All and just how far the plus size industry has come since she started blogging seven years ago.

On her swimsuit collection:

Thank you.  And it’s been amazing because I really been passionate about it and swimwear options were kind of the last frontier.  They were so matronly, a lot of skirted suits and for those of us who are more confident and who do want to show off our bodies, there were so few things out there for us so I’m so honored to have helped to start the movement to see plus size girls in bikinis.

Style note: I know you’ve seen her newest collection, right? Straight servin’! JUST in case you haven’t, check it out here

GabiFresh for Swim Sexy: 2016 Swimsuits for All Collection

The swimsuit queen has been blogging for about seven years, and remembers the time, when options were few and far between. Don’t we all? (inserts eye roll)

Clearly, we still have a long way to go, but we have more than ever to choose from. We can think the online boutique gawds for that, OH-KAY!

GabiFresh talks plus size swimwear on The RealShe chats about the evolution about plus size fashion:

Really, it was so matronly and for older women.  I was a teenager when I started to love fashion and then was so disappointed with the options.  So, to see how far we’ve come has been really amazing.  Obviously, it’s still tough, even now for me to go into a mall and find something I love, but I do a lot of my shopping online and things are slowly, but surely, getting better.

Are you rockin’ your swimsuit this summer? I sure am, girl! Thick thighs and all…

Take a sneak peek at the episode!

Don’t forget to tune in today for the full segment, April 7, to catch the beauty. Check your local listings for showtime.

Ready to shop her swimsuit collection? Shop it NOW at!

Ayyyeee, Gabi, gimme that dress!

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  1. Gabi’s campaigns for her swimwear are so striking. She gives it a luxury edge, puts you in mind of a posh jaunt. I can only admire from a distance because my breasts are way too small for her line.

  2. So happy for her. I have been “following” her since she was trying out to be a MTV TJ. I knew back then she had an “it” factor and would go on to do great things. So proud of women like you and her that continue to inspire and influence us. xo

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