Need a Costume? Take a Peek at the Chic & Curvy Halloween Look Book!

Ready for Halloween ladies?! Are you dressing up?  I want to so bad! You know- the chance to don a costume and transform into something playful and cheeky for the day. Now, I know the struggle. Having a limited amount of plus size costumes can be frustrating and then not falling in love with your options, adds to the  struggle. Well, Chic & Curvy pulled through for us this Halloween with their Chic and Curvy Halloween Look Book!!

Get excited to work some magic! No more walking into the room with the same plus size costume as another fellow Curvy Fashionista.

If you do not know, California based plus size boutique, Chic & Curvy leads the way with an awesome idea! You do not have to don a traditional costume, just add accessories! Grab one of their pieces and you are able to transform your dress, coat, and look into the costume you have always wanted! Of course, this is where the creativity comes in… But I know we can make something out of nothing and still rock it, right? Right.

Are you ready for a little Halloween inspiration? Take a peek!

The Chic & Curvy Halloween Look Book!

They made looks such as Cruella De Vil, Storm, Poison Ivy, and a playful twist on Harley Quinn. But don’t limit yourself to just these ideas, their polka dot skirt could do a great sexy/cute clown. Ohhh the possibilities that there is with the black bodycon dress, you can let your imagination run free after all it’s a night when you can go crazy with your costume no limits! 

I love the Storm idea, I already have this jumpsuit and all I need are some fly accessories! I think I have my look all set then! I never thought about going this route for Halloween, but it is quite smart! A close second? I think I am also digging Cruella De Vil!  I mean, who can forget The 101 Dalmatians!

Now that I am a dog mom, maybe this is the chance for me and Mocha to play dress up? Yes? I think it’s cheeky, sinister, and quite unique. I mean, you don’t see her too much!

You can score these pieces now, at!

Sooo how about that? Which is your fave? Let us know what look you’ll be rocking with the help of Chic & Curvy! Are you inspired?

Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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