Hey TCF readers! My name is Shirley I am a curvy girl from Manchester, NH who loves short walks on the beach, good reality TV, and shopping the latest fashion trends that play to my oh so voluptous shape. OK that sounds a little like the start of a dating profile, but i guess that's me in a nutshell. In the day time I am working hard to help shape our future generation, and at night I write. I started blogging because it seemed like I always had something to say about something and I thought what better outlet then a blog to get those crazy thoughts out of my head. I also love the idea of being able to connect with people who look like me and are able to share some of the same things we are facing. “I believe in knowing who you are but without limiting yourself to your own expectation of who you are.” A quote by Charlotte Eliza is a quote that has been instrumental in helping me recognize that this me, is a pretty ok me. Follow me on social media and catch some of my crazy adventures with my family and friends, you will get to see some of the fun outfits I've put together, and just get to see a Curvy girl from lil old NH living life to the fullest.

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