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Art Feature: Backhanded Compliments by Van Scribbles

Backhanded Compliments. I am sure you and I could go back and forth with the many received as a plus size woman, but when I saw this series by Van Scribbles on Tumblr, I knew that I had to feature this series in our latest of plus size art! Granted, this is more than plus size, as she delves into quite a few, but I definitely wanted to feature the plus size picks that Vanessa has fashioned for us!

I mean… most recently, I was on a plane and the man sitting next to me says, “You do not look like you are into tech or are a nerd.” Oh. Okay… -_- major side eye.

So before I share with you the initial series, let’s talk about Van Scribbles’ prefacing post about Giving Compliments! Are you ready?

How to Give a Compliment- by Van Scribbles

Art Feature: Backhanded Compliments by Van Scribbles

I love this and this must be shared everywhere. I promise you that SOME one SOME where can learn from this set!

Backhanded Compliments by Van Scribbles

Backhanded Compliments by Van Scribbles

Backhanded Compliments by Van Scribbles

Backhanded Compliments by Van Scribbles

Backhanded Compliments by Van Scribbles

Nooooow which ones of these have you heard? I am sure more than we can count!

You can see and learn more about the other series from Van Scribbles here!

How cool is this? Make sure you share so we can help someone from a future foot in mouth situation! Hehehehe

What do you think? Have you seen her work? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by Marie Denee

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  1. I think every woman be it plus size or not has heard all or at least one of these at some point in their lives. Every time i step out I have some stranger say something offensive that is if friends or family are not around to give me my daily dose of how I don’t match their requirements.

  2. Oh yes, those backhanded compliments. Last year I had one: “Oh your hair looks so much better like that. I didn’t recognize you, I never know what you’re going to do next”. OK then. I just quickly hummed “shake it off” to myself. I’m a natural hair diva and enjoy pinning up, twisting or curly fros, and keep it classy at work..yes, that was a co-worker. That day I had my fro lightly straightened and pinned up.

    • GIRL. I hear you… It is sooo fascinating to me when I hear things like this… I wonder if folks actually listen to themselves when they talk at times… it is an interesting space…

  3. HAHAHA these are wonderful!!! I’ve received many of them and been like what? I remember when I was younger they brought me down so much and I’d focus on them, but I’ve now learned the best way to handle them is using a sarcastic/witty response and walk away being the proud woman I am!

  4. Lol the worst is when your older coach is speaking about you to younger people and says “She would look pretty if she lost more weight” like WTF are you doing speaking about a student to other students, much less saying crap like that. ugh!

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