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Need a bit of Makeup and Beauty Inspo? Check Out these 5 Plus Size Youtube Beauty Gurus!

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to update your beauty routine and your makeup bag. When was the last time you made a makeup run? A trip to Sephora or Ulta? Cvs or Walgreens? Or even Target? With so many beauty options and trends, it is easy to get overwhelmed! Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve rounded up our favorite favorite plus size beauty gurus that will help you slay spring beauty. These girls are putting all the hottest products of the season to the test, creating dope makeup tutorials of on trend makeup looks, colorful hair DIYs, and broadcasting the best of beauty to the world. We know you are going to love them as much as we do!

Are you ready? Take a peek!

Check Out these 5 Plus Size Youtube Beauty Gurus!


Stacie is a sassy YouTuber that isn’t afraid to have fun on her channel. She shares detailed product reviews, makeup tutorials, all while having a smile on her face. We especially love Stacie’s bubbly personality that shines brighter than her best illuminator in her giant makeup stash!


Youtuber: Vintage Or Tacky

vintageortackyCora has been making fabulous beauty videos (and fashion ones too!) for yeaaaaaaars. She’s a YouTube vet and it’s no surprise that she has developed a cult-following through the years. She’s a fabulous makeup artist and shares eccentric makeup tutorials regularly, along with product reviews and fashion posts.


Youtuber: The Pink Allure

the pink allure

Shenece Bernard is a South Florida beauty guru that covers everything makeup on her channel. From unboxing videos of subscription boxes, to reviews and swatches of beautiful lip colors. She gives her honest feedback in a fun, unfiltered way that we love!


Youtuber: Passion Jonesz

passionjoneszPassion is a NYC mega beauty guru that covers all aspects of beauty. She shares gorgeous makeup tutorials and also teaches her viewers how she creates and custom colored wigs. Basically, add her to your YouTube playlist NOW!

Youtuber: Makeup By Bee

beautybybeeBellanca’s passion for makeup prevails in all of her videos. She shares all of her beauty secrets on her channels, as well as tips and tutorials on how to recreate the hottest makeup trends!

I am all about owning my beauty this year, playing around with new shades, products, and brands. Checking out a few youtubers and their hauls and reviews helps me understand just whaaaaat is in store and how it may work for me. Does this help you get your beauty fix? I know that it will for me!

But I am even more curious… Do you already follow these fab five plus size youtubers? Who do you follow to get your beauty fix? I know that there are sooooooo many others and we want to hear from you!

Do you have a channel?

Drop your links in the comments!


Written by Aaronica

One dope woman/mom/wife/entrepreneur learning to conquer the world one cute outfit at a time.

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