8 Fabulous 40+ Plus Size Bloggers that are Defying the “Rules” & Killin’ the Game!

Ladies, ever wanted to buy or wear a certain item or outfit and didn’t because you thought it wasn’t age appropriate? Ever been told something you wore was “too young”? What does that even really mean right? Here at The Curvy Fashionista we live by the motto that age is nothing but a number when it comes to fashion! Being fabulous and stylish has no age!

For a few of our Coffee w. Marie Facebook live streams, you all have been bringing up this “rule”. So we thought why not show them what we mean and introduce them to some of our fellow 40+ plus size bloggers that are killing the game right now? Because we can’t keep this wealth of knowledge to ourselves (especially since we’re THE destination for all things plus size).

These ladies are fearless in their fashions and don’t let age define what they can and can’t wear! There are no trends, cuts, styles, colors, patterns, or designs they don’t at least try! And might I add they look fabulous in every one! Check out these 8 40+ plus size bloggers killing the fashion game!

8 Fabulous 40+ Plus Size Bloggers To Know!

Pepper, Creator of

Pepper, Creator of

Marcy, Creator of www. FearlesslyJust

Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me
Jeneise, Creator of

Jeneise Creator of thejenesaisquoi
Sandra, Creator of

Sandra, Creator of
Ana, Creator of
8 Fabulous Plus Size Bloggers Over 40 & Killin' It!

Alison, Creator of
8 Fabulous Plus Size Bloggers Over 40 & Killin' It!

Georgette , Creator of
8 Fabulous Plus Size Bloggers Over 40 & Killin' It!


NikkiFree, Creator of
8 Fabulous Plus Size Bloggers Over 40 & Killin' It!

So ladies, now that we’ve introduced you to these fabulous 40+ bloggers you can see that style has no age! Each of these women define their own styles and show you how to break the “rules” (because who really made up the rule about fashion having an age limit?) and dress how you feel! Head over to their blogs now to get more inspiration!

So now that you see fashion and age have NOTHING to do with one another, which styles are you now going to venture into? Maybe try adding more color into your wardrobe? Or maybe different cuts and styles?Let us know down in the comments.

Until next time!!!

Written by Aaronica

One dope woman/mom/wife/entrepreneur learning to conquer the world one cute outfit at a time.

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  1. I just love this article, I am 54 and FABULOUS. My motto is ” if I like it, I wear it and if you have a problem with it well ” that too shall pass”. Keep giving us information because a lot of our 40 + needs it.

  2. Those women are all beautiful! I’m 52 and I love fashion and bling and wear what makes me happy! I’m also working on my doctoral dissertation about the identities of plus-size women of color (Facebook page: Fluffy Women of Color). Every woman I encounter enjoys feeling attractive and beautiful – and that means different things to different women. I love hearing about women of all sizes and colors feeling comfortable in their own skin. It took me years to get to that point. My goal is to encourage all women to love themselves, take care of themselves and most of all be true to their own heart and spirit!

  3. I loved this article, as a matter of fact I love this entire movement!!!! I turned 60 this year. I have been curvy my entire life. When I was a little girl there was literally nothing to wear. Diets started when I was 12 years old. I remember taking a plastic container of dry tuna and a dry piece of bread for lunch. I lost weight to only gain it back plus more and the upward spiral began. The harder I tried the bigger I got. In spite of society I loved life and forged ahead. I have loved fashion since I played with my Barbie doll and looked at Bride Magazine at 5.
    Imagine the disappointment to find that great fashions were not available to me. I want to thank all of the brave and beautiful women in the worldwho have paved a way for a new day!!! I have started a Youtube channel and plan on having a web page. Brenda Rundle is where you can find my first videos. I am 60plussize. I want to share the journey of growing and enjoying a fabulous life. Thank you for the gift of comfort and acceptance.

  4. Thank you for the article. I just launched a new blog: Cultured Curves: Sophisticated Style, Fashion, and Beauty for Curvy Women over 50 at Please give it a view. We are often told to “give up” but we are vital and intelligent women who are deserving of our place in this new plus size boom. I would love a mention in your next article. Also, I will be attending Curvycon and would love to meet you.

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