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Refresh your Style: 10 Tips for a Cool, Curvy Fall

Fashionistas the time is here! Labor Day is over, summer memories are behind you and, most importantly, fall fashion is in plentiful supply. You need to go shopping! However, before you hit up all your favorite plus size retailers, you may need a bit of a fall style refresh when it comes to dressing your gorgeous curves.

With Fall comes layers, which means that you need to know how to add layers and heavier clothes to your figure without appearing bulky or shapeless. Luckily, there are more than a few simple tips that make this possible whether if you’re fashion-obsessed or not.

10 Tips for a Cool, Curvy Fall

Afraid that gorgeous chunky sweater won’t accentuate your curves? Never quite mastered how to wear multiple layers and still look polished? Curious about how to choose the best denim for the season? All of these questions are answered plus a few other tips in this handy guide.

So, get ready to attack your fall fashion with a vengeance!

1. Look For Sweaters That Fit Your Frame

fitted sweater

In short, this means that not all sweaters flatter all plus size bodies. If you have a large bust, wearing a sweater with a high neck or thick knit detailing along the bustline will make you look even more busty than normal. Instead, opt for V-neck, boatneck or wrap styles that open up your neckline. For those who are apple-shaped or lack a defined waist, a fitted sweater works best because it provides shape where it’s needed. Shorter ladies should veer away from overly long or oversized styles because it drowns you in fabric.

2. When Layering, Less Is More

fall layers

When the temperatures begin to drop it’s a natural reaction to want to reach for as much clothing as you can—but as a plus size woman you may want to alter style rules a bit. A plus size figure doesn’t need an overwhelming amount of layers piled onto it because it could add  unnecessary bulk. Instead, to keep warm try utilizing fewer layers (2-3) and keep them thinner, such as a cami, t-shirt and a fitted cardigan or cropped jacket.

3. Head To The Dark Side With Denim

darker denim

Summer is done, so sadly that means that all of the light-washed and bright-colored denim you stocked up on during the summer should be traded out in favor of darker hues. Additionally, dark wash or deep-colored denim is such an easy, chic way to pull together a casual outfit. Darker denim also works very well at transitioning from day to night.

4. Yes, There Are Boots That Fit

wide calf boots

Every fall and winter so many plus size women feel discouraged because they think or can’t find boots that fit their legs. This is definitely untrue, and luckily there are many retailers that offer modern, chic boots in wide widths to accommodate those with wider legs. All you need to do is a quick Google search and you’ll find a variety of cute boot styles that will have you hitting that “Add to Cart” button in no time.

5. A Well-Fitted Coat Is Worth The Splurge

belted coat

There are certain fashion items that are definitely worth spending extra money on, and a coat that beautifully skims your curves is one of them. Plus size coat shopping can be a bit daunting because you want to make sure that you don’t look shapeless or bulky. However, when you do find that magical coat that is the perfect combination of stylish and flattering, you have to buy it! For an additional tip, don’t be afraid to size up to get the proper fit because you can always belt it to define the waist. Speaking of belts, if you don’t like the one that comes with the coat don’t hesitate to buy a separate one and use that instead.

6. You Can Wear Leggings, But There’s A Catch

ponte pant

Let’s be honest, we all love the comfort and ease of wearing leggings and you certainly will have even more use for them during the fall season. However, from a style perspective you should shop for styles that offer shaping and support. These types of leggings not only provide you with a more streamlined figure, but they also appear a bit more sophisticated. Some of the keywords you should look for in your leggings include, tummy panels, waist-defining and shaping. Opt for thicker knits like ponte.

7. Oversized Blazers Are Back…And Better Than Ever

oversized blazer

Ahh, the oversized blazer, that late 80s, early 90s staple that both women and men couldn’t get enough of. Well, it’s back with a style vengeance and in plus size. This time remember these tips to pull it off with style. If you’re wearing an oversized blazer, keep your lower half in something more fitted to add balance, such as skinny jeans, leggings or a pencil skirt. To give the oversized blazer some shape, shop for a fashion forward belt to pull everything in and create a flattering silhouette.

8. Tights Are Welcome


No, they’re not just for grade-school girls or Sunday church services, you can indeed wear tights during the fall and winter. Tights instantly give your outfit a personalized touch and can make your lower half appear slimmer, specifically those that are dark and opaque. Also, if you opt for a dark monochromatic look with your tights and outfit, you’ll look more streamlined.

9. We All Need Support


Honestly, it’s often too hot in the summer to wear additional foundation garments. Once the fall emerges you can put your support garments back on your shopping list. The key to getting the most out of them (since they can be a bit pricey) is to have a variety for various outfits. A shaping slip, shorts, cami and bodysuit are some of the most important ones to have. Also, invest in a supportive t-shirt bra that will look great underneath sweaters, blouses and tees.

10. The Handbag Seals The Deal

fall handbag

While handbags are necessary year round, there is nothing more stylish than a fall handbag. It pulls your look together, personalizes your fashion sense and will last for several years if you decide to splurge on it (and you should). For the fall, you want to set your sights on handbags that are bigger, sturdier and can easily transition from a business meeting to Happy Hour without looking out-of-place. Subtle accents like gold hardware, suede/leather fabric and eye-catching lining are the things that make a chic handbag stand the test of time.

Are you ready to start dressing for cooler weather? Do you have Fall fashion tips that you swear by? 

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