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Above a 3X? Here Are 10 Retailers Who Cater To Extended Plus Sizes

As a true size 22 and apple shape, it would be difficult finding stores that catered to size above passed a size 20. Thankfully, fashion is more open-minded compared to when I was growing up and more stores cater to larger sizes. Above a 3x? Don’t worry! We got you covered with 10 retailers who cater to extended sizes. And just right in time for the fall season. 

When it comes to fashion, I like what I like.  I am not obsessed with what is trending or brand names. I have a style that is all my own.  When I dress, my main focus is on how it makes me feel. In the words of Ashley Nicole Black, “I have to empower myself.” With that being said, take a peek at the retailers who know fashion who cater to sizes above a 3X. 

10 Retailers Who Cater To Extended Plus Sizes

Above a 3X? Here's Where to Shop!

These are just ten hot places to shop that cater to us women who are above a 3x! They will not only make us look good but have us feeling good. My personal favorite store is Rebdolls. Their clothing just speaks to me and my style. 

As plus size retailers and brands launch, we are doing our best to challenge them to go beyond the traditional 3x! We ask, show, and share how there is a market for this consumer and how it is only more lucrative if they do! At the end of the day, who really decided that plus sizes stop at a 24? Know that if we have a brand’s ear, we are sharing our feedback, thoughts, and suggestions to make it work for all of us. 

Did we get your favorites? We want to know! 

Where do you shop for YOUR picks over a 3X? Let us know in the comments below! 

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